To Delete or Not To Delete – That is the Question

03/21/2017 By Larry Johnson, Clovis, CA

This afternoon I was cleaning out the old stuff in the “media library” of our club website to make room for some new stuff and after a few rounds of deleting old pictures I noticed that I had a lot of trump stuff polluting my library. So, being the conscientious type of fellow I am, I proceeded to delete that old stuff. Now, the process to delete stuff is simple: A double left click on the offending item or picture causes it to open up in a “Edit” screen where  one of the choices is to “permanently delete” the item/picture. A single left click on that option and up pops an “Are You Sure? window with a Yes/No option/. Clicking on the “Yes” option deletes the offending picture – voa la’.

And then the thought struck me: IF it were only so simple as to push a “delete” button to delete the subject of those pictures, the entire world would be a better and safer place. BUT, I know that like a “pleasure button” which stimulates certain portions of the brain, I would abuse the “delete” button and begin deleting ALL of the rest of the reptiles who are threatening my life, my country and the world. Where would I stop with the “delete” button? Could I bring myself to accept a certain level of reptiles in government or would I “delete” the entire bunch with great joy in my heart for the wonderful gift I was giving to the average American and to the average world citizen?

And there you have it. The compelling arrogance of the “committee of my mind” to assume that I and only I have the ultimate wisdom and understanding to select those other human beings, who think differently from me, for summary deletion from the human gene pool. (Sound like anyone else you might have heard lately?)

When asked to present a simple introduction of myself at meetings, I often start with my affiliations and end with “I am a recovering Republican – been sober since just before the second Regan election disaster” My inbred reptile arrogance came from a reptile upbringing. This attitude of “I know better than everyone else” is obvious in the current reptile movement in this country.

Hmmm. Understanding my limitations and accepting the certain rights of others to disagree with me and ultimately destroy our society, would I then be able to limit my actions to only a few or the entire group?? Would I be able to stop deleting the bad guys at some medium point or would I continue until there were, in my estimation, none left. It’ a quandary, it’s a challenge to personal integrity, it’s a – Oh screw it! Delete them all and let god figure it out!

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