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The West Fresno Democratic Club is beginning a number of new Projects aimed at bringing our Club and it’s members to the front of the West Fresno movers and shakers. This is a great time to sign up and get involved. Do you have a project that you would like to present to the Club? […]


We Can Certainly Hope For This

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From Russia With Love As we draw ever closer to a final accounting of the Russian involvement in our 2016 election, we see the Tweedledumb administration and the reptile party thrash harder and harder to try and get off the hook of treason. It is past time to ask if they are Americans or Republicans.


A Good Choice for County Supervisor District 3

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Dr. Daren Miller is a good choice for County Supervisor, District 3. A career educator he understands his district and the people in it and their concerns and lives. We suggest that you seriously consider voting for Dr. Miller for a more balanced and useful approach for this area.