A Journey of Discovery

By Michael R. Becker, Fresno, CA 02/13/2017

 On Friday January 20th two Fresno area activists and I participated in Disrupt J20, an effort by a coalition of groups–especially in the DC/Baltimore–area to create disorder in Washington DC and thereby remind the world that January 20th was no ordinary day. January 20th marked the ascension of  a fascist to the office of the President of the United States. By using a variety of tactics ranging from non-violent marches to civil disobedience to street militancy the groups and individuals involved in J20  wanted to demonstrate that the Trump regime would face a determined resistance, thereby continuing a wave of dissent against the new administration never before seen in American history.

It is important to note that this account is based on my experiences and those of my comrades. We do not speak for Disrupt J20 or any of the scores of organizations who participated in this national demonstration. In that light, we want to formally recognize all those involved in the incredible organizing and preparation that went into making Disrupt J20 a success. No major, national demonstration occurs without organizing efforts that begin months in advance.

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