President’s Message

Here we are at year’s end and most of us look at this as a time to reflect.

WFDC has been through a lot this year, including an increase in club membership and changes to our Executive Board.

I always prefer to look FORWARD and plan for the future. With that in mind, here is what I consider WFDC’s Mandate for 2019:

**Having a committee to monitor the meeting and actions of both Fresno City Council and Fresno County Board of Supervisors.Having one of our members in the room when proceedings happen will raise our presence in the city.

**Our membership is to increase and the issues of District 3 are to be identified by surveying the people one-on-one,door-to-door.

**Establishing a working relationship with all agencies that impact the lives of residents in District 3.

**Informing the FCDCC how its’ member clubs can better assist residents of District 3.

** Find ways to address Fresno being the 10th worst city in America for African-Americans to live.

These are ambitious things and our club cannot accomplish them without help. Help us to improve Fresno and get active with a club on the move. Join WFDC for only $15 per year. Your views and your voice matter to us. Come and make a difference! We need you!

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