WFDC President – “Interesting Times”

WFDC President’s Statement:

We are indeed living in interesting times. The America many of us knew has changed. Now, thanks to the sitting POTUS, we are waging war on: immigrants of color, the poor and disabled, working people, and public education.

If we want to promote the values of integrity and dignity of ALL people–we must work for it. We must register and VOTE. We must encourage our families and friends to register and VOTE.

Not sure how to make things better? Join a local Democratic club. Volunteer to walk a precinct in Southwest Fresno. Most of all, be committed to stay positive as we fight the good fight to elect Democrats in both local and national races.

If you care about: social justice, public education, mass incarceration, and police brutality, come and work with us to make positive change! We can do this! Together, we can!

Respectfully Submitted,

Aline Reed

President, West Fresno Democratic Club

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