Indivisible Guides – 2018


In 2016, Donald Trump was elected. And in 2017, we fought back. We attended town halls, participated in protests and raised hell in district offices. We organized in communities across the country against Trumpcare, and we made the Republican tax scam into an enormous political liability. While we couldn’t put a stop to all of the Trump administration’s attacks on our democracy, we sure prevented a lot of bad stuff from happening.
Then, in 2018, we kept that momentum going by registering voters, endorsing candidates, and getting out the vote in record-shattering numbers. And WE WON. We flipped the House, flipped SIX state legislatures, and moved the entire country to the left — and forward.
And in 2019 we’re organizing all over the country, paving the way to a progressive, post-Trump era. Because even though we won big last week, our work isn’t even close to done — not by a long shot.
Here’s what’s next for Indivisible:
1. Going on offense in the House. Now that Democrats have the majority in the House, we’ve got something we haven’t had in a long time: POWER. We have the power to choose which bills get votes, and we’re categorizing them into two buckets: “messaging” bills and “must-pass” bills. In addition, House Democrats now have the POWER to hold the Trump administration accountable through oversight and investigations (subpoena power, investigatory power, congressional-hearings power and more!).
2. Making gains in states to save democracy. Right now, there’s a huge opportunity for us to resist Trump and fight for our progressive vision at the state level. Our efforts will begin early in 2019 when state legislatures are sworn in.
3. Continuing defense in the Senate. Republicans still control the Senate, and they’ll keep pushing Trump’s agenda. House Democrats will play a critical role in defending against further harm.
All of this might sound daunting (it’s going to be a LOT of work — trust us), but we’re excited to get started (and we’ve heard from many of you that you are too!). Why? Because we know we have the plans and strategies to see this through and defeat Trump in 2020. Earlier this week, we launched Indivisible on Offense, two guides outlining our strategy for the final two years under the Trump administration.
But more important than plans, strategies, and guides: thanks to your support and the efforts of tens of thousands of other Indivisible members across the country, we have the team it’s going to take to keep building the Indivisible movement, supporting activists fighting back against the Trump administration, and providing the tools to help you fight for the progressive issues that matter to each of us.
Our core mission is simple: our team exists to serve, support, and cultivate growing movement of local Indivisible groups. And as we grow and take on more challenges, we’re counting on funding to do our jobs effectively. In the coming weeks, your donations help us hire critical staff to support our thousands of local groups and build the tools we need to organize quickly and effectively.
We’re so grateful and proud to have you on our team as partners in this critical work.
In solidarity,

The Indivisible Team

P.S. if you haven’t had the chance to read our two new guides yet, what are you waiting for?! Check them out:

Federal Guide: Indivisible on Offense. New power in the House means we need a new game plan to demand that our newly-elected members of Congress check Trump and offer an alternative to his backwards agenda.
State Guide: Empowering the States to Resist the Trump Agenda. Some of the most important work you can do to save our democracy is to take action in your state legislatures around the country.