What Exactly is Libertarianism? Well . .

At the opening of the 2016 Political Cycle, which began immediately after the close of the 2014 Mid-Term Election Cycle, Senator Ron Paul (R-KY) continued his nonsensical tirades regarding Our President and the Democrats in general. He does not EXACTLY espouse the Right Wing Tea Party position of the current Republican party but he does stick close enough to their drumbeat to be a member of their band.

While Sen. Paul has dropped our of the current Presidential race to try and protect his Senatorial seat, many of his philosophies still ring the Republican bell. So what are those beliefs exactly?

Sen. Ron Paul’s belief structure is based in Libertarian philosophy. So, what exactly is Libertarianism?. That takes a bit of explanation and is NOT simple and does NOT lend itself to quickie “sound bites”.

Several years ago Mr. Mike Huben, a prolific writer of political philosophy among other interest, put together a rather long but very informative article regarding this subject. IF you wish to understand some of the reasoning behind today’s republican party, please take a few minutes (15-20 depending on how fast you read) and check out this¬† well researched, footnoted and written article.

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Libertarian FAQ by a Non-Libertarian