2016 November Minutes

West Fresno Democratic Club

Minutes of November 19, 2016 Meeting


Attending:  Mikki Addison, Richard Graham, John Hernandez, Karen Hernandez, Pastor Bruce Hood, Jesse Keys, Elaine Guerrero, and F. Rico

 Meeting called to order at 3:45 by President Mikki Addison.

 1.     Introduction of members and guests.

 2.     Larry Johnson is sick. We have no slide presentation. October 15, 2016 minutes were tabled. Carol Laval is out of town. Without the slides, C. Lavel’s written treasury report is unavailable until next month’s meeting as well.

 3.     President’s Report – Mikki A, stated, we do not have a quorum nor do we have motions to be voted on in today’s meeting. A report was given on the “President elect protest” on the corner of Blackstone and Shaw.  Protestors could be heard repeatedly shouting, “Not my President.” Member, Elaine Guererro stated, she too was at the protest.

 4.    Guest Speakers – John Hernandez, Central Valley High Speed Rail Representative

Mr. Hernandez gave a detailed update regarding the current mobilization of workers. One problem cited was local realtors need to be utilized who understand the Central Valley for improved communication in negotiations in land acquisition to be handled in a more timely fashion between farmers and the Rail Corp. Hernandez added that the old Greyhound Bus Station is up for bid by the City of Fresno for construct ion into a transfer station between SF and LA. Lastly, small businesses must present as professional when up for bids. Dollars and cents of the final costs for the High Speed Rail were not discussed.

 Pastor Bruce Hood, founder of Feed My Sheep Ministries explained what he needs in preparation for

a food giveaway for Thanksgiving. The food will be given out on 11/22/16, two day before Thanksgiving Day. Pastor Hoods flyers were passed out. In addition to the food giveaway, Pastor Hood added his flock operate a small thrift store and a refurbishing auto shop.

 5. Business – It was suggested that at our December meeting, we will bring finger food and punch to celebrate the holiday season.

 Motion to adjourn at 5:08 pm.