2016 December Minutes

12-17-2016 Membership Meeting Minutes
Location: 1035 ‘U’ Street, Fresno, CA

Present: Mikki Addison, Larry Johnson, Elaine Guerrero, Richard Graham, Jesse Keys, Cassandra Fonseca, Carole Laval, Frank Guerrero.
Call to order: 3:55 pm
Quorum: Quorum is 8 members for a membership meeting, and we do not have quorum.
Self-introductions were made.
Hold over approval of November 19, 2016 meeting minutes due to lack of quorum.
President’s Message (Mikki A): Reported on recent trip to Michigan. Daughter was in Kuwait, is not in Iraq, and expected home in April.
Treasurer’s Report (Carole L): $255.26 in savings, $171.86 in checking, for a total of $427.12 as of 11-30-2016. Dues were discussed: leave dues unchanged for 2017 at $15.00. Larry J. is usually provided a free membership in exchange for maintaining our website.
-Richard G. spoke with James Williams (president of SJV Democratic Club) about holding a joint Christmas meeting;
-Join with the Hmong Democratic Club in an event (or events) in 2017
-We should review our service area map
-Join with another Democratic club for a summer picnic (Demo. club or BWOPA or other groups)
-Consider fundraisers: BBQ dinner, yard sale, t-shirts, as examples
-Do a membership drive; it was noted 20 or 25 members are needed to re-charter with the DCC
All were encouraged to bring someone new to our meetings as a way to grow membership.
Announcement: Feed My Sheep ministries needs donations and volunteers.
Meeting adjourned: 5:05 pm
Next meeting: January 21, 2017
Meeting minutes prepared by:
Carole Laval, 2016 Treasurer