Please Join Us At Our Next Meeting

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Meeting Agenda Our next Monthly Meeting is on  March 17th, 2018 beginning at 9:00AM at Rocio’s Mexican Restaurant at 1141 ‘B’ Street, Fresno (located in Kearney Palms Shopping Center, North East Corner of Fresno and ‘B’ Streets) 9:00AM Social and dining; 9:30AM Business meeting begins; Program begins when business complete; 11AM Adjournment. See You there! […]


Turning Teachers Into Commandos

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Reprint of an article posted by The Pen <> Another violent, demented NRA fantasy! Leave it to Donald Trump to parrot the most demented proposal out there to try to finally respond, even in some small way, to the epidemic of gun massacres in America. We all know the problem is too many guns. And […]


We Can Certainly Hope For This

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From Russia With Love As we draw ever closer to a final accounting of the Russian involvement in our 2016 election, we see the Tweedledumb administration and the reptile party trash harder and harder to try and get off the hook of treason. It is past time to ask if they are Americans or Republicans.


What About Chappaquiddick!!

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There is a lot going around right now regarding defending the dumbshit who is occupying the White House.   One of my friends reminded me about the Nixon defenses back in 1973. Oh how history repeats itself. This is a link to an old Art Buchwald piece about arguments to defend Nixon.     We […]